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Water Quality Analysis

What is a well & water inspection?

A well and water inspection involves knowledgeable and accredited technicians analyzing and formally reporting on quality and quantity aspects in your home or commercial environment. The inspection includes construction of the well, check casing, well depth, pump depth, pump flow test from the well, and main components of the water quality.

- Water quality involves certain properties and the presence of minerals (such as hardness, iron, sulphur, total dissolved solids, PH (alkalinity/acidity), tannin, and so on).

- Quantity, measured in gallons per minute (gpm), indicates the adequacy of the water supply from the well into the water infrastructure.

Your well taps into one of nature’s treasures – cool, clean groundwater. You and your family depend on this precious resource every day for cooking, washing, and a continuous supply of safe drinking water. How clean is the water in your home? Your water may contain minerals and other contaminants that may cause bad taste and odors or even present health related concerns.

Publicly-owned drinking water systems (i.e. municipal systems) that collect and distribute well water to entire communities are tested on a regular basis. It is up to you, as the owner of a private well, to have your own well water tested to determine whether your private water supply is safe to drink.

Public health labs, through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term care, can provide a water sample bottle for indicator bacteria testing. Public health labs perform bacteriological (total Coliform and E.coli) water testing only. Furthermore, a potability sample may take upwards of 1-2 weeks to get results.

For more thorough and efficient testing we offer a variety of water inspection packages to meet the varied needs of individuals. Feel free to contact us to discuss which packages best address your needs, and/or concerns, or to obtain more detailed information on the scope of a given test.

  • Private Well: report on several dozen minerals.

  • General Water Chemistry - Major Ions: a subset of private well (i.e. mainstream test).

  • Heavy Metals: report on key heavy metals.

  • Petroleum: report on presence of petroleum.

  • Beckwith - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): report on dry-cleaning chemical spills.

Key points on our packages:
- include the sample collection, utilization of external (i.e. private) laboratory tests, and offer a formal report.
- formal report compares your specific results against ministry standards.
- potability sample delivered through a private lab within 24 hours.

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